WWQW:  What Would Quasi Watch?

Alright people, I need something “new” to watch in the evenings after the Ladies Hatrack go off to bed. I’ve been watching Stargate: Atlantis and by the midpoint of season 4 I need to take a break from it since I’m just not loving it all that much. I’ve done SG1, DS9, BSG, Daredevil and Buffy plus other stuff that… » 5/18/15 11:39pm 5/18/15 11:39pm

Seeing 1.3 million particles get thrown in a bowl is weirdly satisfying

Maybe it’s because they look like cheese puffs? I don’t know. But seeing this visual simulation of 1.3 million orange cheese puffy-ish particles get thrown into a bowl and the cascading physics that results because of that thought experiment basically stole my eyeballs for much longer than it should have. » 5/12/15 1:07pm 5/12/15 1:07pm

3D-Print This Flying Toy You Launch From a High-Speed Spinning Dremel

If you thought rotary tools like the Dremel were all work and no play, Make has a fun tutorial you’ll definitely want to try. You’ll need access to a 3D printer to create this flying toy disc affectionately called the Dremel Devil, and a rotary tool that you can power outside where it’s safest to try this out. » 5/12/15 7:39am 5/12/15 7:39am