No, German Scientists Have Not Confirmed the “Impossible” EMDrive

Two German researchers claim they have produced measurable amounts of thrust using a copy of NASA’s controversial EMDrive. It’s a result that has many people talking, but don’t plan your trip to the to the Alpha Centauri system just yet—the experts we spoke with are all highly skeptical of the study and its findings. » 7/28/15 2:51pm Tuesday 2:51pm

Concept Art Reveals a Look Inside the Amazingly '90s Spider-Man Cartoon

Fox’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series was pretty great, but like its X-Men counterpart, it’s very much a product of the 1990s—something that becomes achingly obvious when you remember what Peter Parker wore outside of the Spidey suit. Need a reminder? Look no further than this awesome concept art from the series. » 7/24/15 1:08pm 7/24/15 1:08pm

Keep your coding skills sharp with Hacked

My new favorite cell phone app is hacked, an innovative game one of my summer high school students showed me. In this Android app, you use a modifed javascript to solve typical programming challenges like finding the min or writing a sort. As the levels increase, the challenges get harder and the program adds new… » 7/23/15 8:30pm 7/23/15 8:30pm

Batman Is A Corny Dingus, And Superman Should Whomp His Ass

As the title suggests, the upcoming stupid-ass movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature Batman and Superman opposing each other, at least for a while, before they inevitably come together to form what will become the Justice League of America. I do not follow this garbage film franchise, because it is… » 7/21/15 12:48pm 7/21/15 12:48pm

The Magnus Effect Is Why a Ball With a Bit of Backspin Goes Like This

Drop a basketball with backspin from a great enough height, and something rather interesting happens. In the video below, Veritasium’s Derek Muller explains the Magnus effect, and why the phenomenon can cause a ball with even a little spin to swerve so dramatically from its expected path. » 7/15/15 11:40pm 7/15/15 11:40pm

The Death Of Adobe Flash Is Coming, And Game Developers Are Worried

Did you enjoy Alien Hominid? Thank Adobe Flash. The Binding of Isaac? The original version ran like crap, but that was Flash, too. Flash eats battery life and makes computer fans run loud, but it’s been important to many developers, which is why they got scared for a while today. » 7/14/15 6:27pm 7/14/15 6:27pm